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Southern Conservatory Valeting provide a dedicated conservatory valeting and cleaning service across all counties in the southern region of the United Kingdom. Unlike many companies who advertise conservatory valeting as a side service, we are dedicated to only valeting conservatories and orangery's to the highest standards. We have all the required equipment to access all areas of even the most hard to get to conservatory including a specialist conservatory ladder, allowing us safe access to the roof ridge to clean all finials and roof caps by hand. The conservatory valeting services we offer are highly detailed and as specialist's in our field understand what conservatories need to keep them looking great for years to come.

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Southern Conservatory Valeting provide an expert and unique solution to conservatory cleaning throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight and Oxfordshire. Our unique conservatory cleaning formulated cleaning agents have been designed to specifically target everyday grime, mould and algaes that form on both the framework and panels of your conservatory. When our chemical cleaners are used in conjunction with our specialist cleaning tools and equipment we can achieve incredible transformations to how your conservatory may appear. Conservatories require some type of cleaning on a regular basis to keep them in pristine condition but not every homeowner has the time or means to see to conservatory cleaning. Southern Conservatory Valeting offer an affordable and cost effective regular conservatory cleaning plan that can be pre booked 6 monthly or 12 monthly and will dramatically help to keep your conservatory in tip top condition and not to mention save you potentially thousands of pounds in repairs if moss is allowed to damage your conservatory sills. Our conservatory cleaning service covers all of england although we typically operate across Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, WIltshire, Surrey and berkshire. Are you looking for a national conservatory cleaning company? Are you looking for a local and honest conservatory cleaning company? Southern conservatory valeting will cover any property across england to aim to transform the look of your tired conservatory. Southern conservatory valeting cover all of hampshire and dorset to valet conservatories little and large, old and new to both rejuvenate and maintain your conservatory investment for years to come. Did you know that having your conservatory valeted can be very cost effective if using Southern Conservatory Valeting. The reason we clean and valet conservatories across england is due to the fact it is what we specialise in and as we are the experts in conservatory cleaning we can be both affordable and offer a very high level of customer service and a great value solution to conservatory cleaning. Conservatory cleaning. Conservatory valet. Conservatory Cleaner. Conservatory valeter. Conservatory cleaning near me. Local conservatory cleaning. Affordable conservatory valeting. Who cleans conservatories. Southern Conservatory Valeting offer a very high level of detail with every service package you choose. This is so we can cater for each and every customers requirements and to suit both their budget and time scale to the the project completed. Why not treat your conservatory to a deep detailed conservatory clean today? If you live in hampshire, dorset, berkshire, london and surrey. Complete conservatory cleaning services. Conservatory cleaning near me. Local conservatory cleaning. Conservatory valeting. Conservatory cleaning. Conservatory valeting and cleaning services are carried out by experienced conservatory cleaning professionals at Southern Conservatory Valeting. Conservatory cleaning hampshire. Conservatory cleaning london. Conservatory cleaning Surrey. conservatory cleaning and maintenance services near me. Conservatory cleaning services throughout England are provided by Southern Conservatory Valeting, not only can we provide a complete rejuvenation valeting service to brighten and remove tough and ingrained dirt, we can also provided a dedicated maintenance service ever 6 months to a year to keep your conservatory in peak condition. Have you ever wondered how much a conservatory clean or valet should cost? Unfortunatley there is no exact answer due to the complexity. A conservatory clean will provide a basic level of clean to remove surface dirt and bacteria from a conservatory. Southern conservatory valeting aim to provide the no1 conservatory cleaning service in England. Conservatory cleaning services. Cleaning conservatory. Hampshire conservatory cleaning services by Southern Conservatory Valeting. Conservatory cleaning england. Conservatory cleaning by professionals. Expert conservatory cleaning services. Conservatory cleaning hampshire, dorset. Conservatory cleaning specialists. Conservatory cleaning is very important. Why not deep clean your conservatory for the summer with southern conservatories deep conservatory cleaning service. Conservatory deep cleaning service. Who cleans conservatories. Conservatory cleaning experts near me. Conservatory cleaning near me. Local conservatory cleaning is what we offer. Conservatory cleaning and deep conservatory valeting services are provides by southern conservatory valeting. Dorset conservatory cleaning services. Conservatory cleaning services reading. Surrey conservatory cleaning services. Surrey conservatory cleaners. Conservatory cleaners London. Conservatory cleaners Southampton. Conservatory cleaning companies. Local conservatory cleaning companies. Conservatory cleaning people. By using Southern Conservatory Valeting to clean and maintain your conservatory you can be sure that the results we will be fantastic.Our unique, tried and tested conservatory cleaning services will leave your conservatory looking fantastic. We cover the entire UK for conservatory cleaning. Southern Conservatory Valeting offer FREE written conservatory cleaning quotations. You may be surprised at just how affordable having your conservatory cleaned by a professional may be. We are the professional conservatory cleaners in England. How much does a professional conservatory clean cost? Who cleans conservatories locally? Deep conservatory cleaning service. Conservatory deep cleaning near me. Interior conservatory deep cleaning.

We Offer The Following Services To Revive Your Conservatory

As experts within our trade we understand that not all customer's require or need the same level of service. We offer a choice of services to suit each and every customers requirements and conservatory needs. We also offer maintenance cleans once our Premium Valet has been carried out, this allows us to refresh, re-wax and maintain your structure for the year ahead.


Exterior Conservatory Cleaning


Interior Conservatory Cleaning


Premium Valeting Service

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Southern Conservatory Valeting Are Chosen For Quality, Service And Value

Over the past number of years Southern Conservatory Valeting have strived to provide a first class service that is both safe for conservatories and orangeries but that is also intensive and thorough to remove even the most ingrained organic grime and staining. We do NOT use pressure washers under any circumstance as they are too hard on the seals and joints of conservatories and can in fact push debris further into the seals of panels, at the time it may look clean but in months down the road that debris may come back to haunt you. Our cleaning method's are supported by most conservatory manufacture's and installer's alike.

- We clean every aspect of conservatories and orangeries including gutters, finials and all framework.

- Did you know we are one of only a few companies in England who only clean and valet conservatories and nothing else?

- Our methods are far more intensive than what a water fed pole alone can achieve and the results speak for themselves.

- The cleaning agents we use are 100% safe for all glass types including self cleaning glass.

- When conservatories are maintained correctly they can be a fantastic addition to any property.


- We always offer our best price. We do not believe in offering a quote only to call back days later with a discount.

- No sub contractors or franchisees will ever be used. We are an "in house" company and guarantee our quality of service.

* When comparing quotations please ensure that quotes are like for like. There are only a handful of specialist conservatory valeting companies in the UK and whilst some window cleaners may advertise conservatory valeting with a water fed pole they most likely will not have the correct chemicals, tolls or accessing equipment needed to provide a thorough service.

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How to clean my conservatory

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The Steps We Take To Ensure A Result Both Ourselves And Our Customers Can Be Proud Of.

Step One

We start by cleaning the inside of the roof including the roof bars, roof panels and any opening roof windows. We clean the inside first to save us carrying in any dirt or debris from the outside. By carrying out a valet in this manner it also allows us to flush out any dirt and grime from any casements of the roof window vents. No one enjoys looking up to see a dirty window casement! We also use a cleansing polish on the frame to remove a dull grey finish and leave a much brighter and whiter result.

Step Two

Its time to tackle the side window openings and casements. This part of the valet is possibly the most tedious and time consuming. We typically spray a mild all purpose cleaner around the casement before agitating with a valeting hogs hair brush to loosen any dirt and grime. We will then use a microfiber cloth along with a vacuum to remove the dirt, leaving a nice clean and spider free window casement. We will also clean the window frame and pane at this stage while we are there.

Step Two

Step Three

The side frames are next to get treated to an intensive but safe clean. This includes cleaning out the drip ledge just below the roof (where a lot of dead insects and mould like to hang out). We apply a safe cleaning agent to the frame to remove any dirt and general grime before using a hogs hair brush to get into the joints and remove typical yellowish gunge. We then apply a mild cleansing polish to a microfiber cloth and polish the frame. This restores a much brighter finish to the framework.

Step Four

Time has come to tackle the outside of the conservatory. This is typically where we come into our own in regards to the methods and results we can achieve. As you can see in the picture, we use a conservatory ladder to gain safe access to the roof (where possible). We typically hand clean the finials and ridge as well as cleaning the underside of the roof cap. We will also clean the majority of the frame by using this method as we can get up close to the dirt and grime and remove all moss from joints, v gutters and seals. Polishing and application of protective sealants can also be carried using this method.

Step Five

Gutters and box gutters (the channel that sometimes runs between the house and conservatory on some conservatories) are then cleared out. The exterior of gutters and side panels are the coated in our conservatory cleaning agent to gently break down any grime and contaminants. once left to dwell for a few minutes we can agitate using a brush, wash mitt or microfiber cloth the frame and panels before rinsing with pure water to wash away the dirt to leave a streak free result. Again a cleansing polish can then be used to leave a brighter finish and remove organic ingrained staining or dullness.

Step Six

Finally we can begin to give all glass a final clean using pure, filtered water. This prevents streaks and leaves the glass free of any chemicals. On some self cleaning glass types streaks may remain for a few days but will soon go once the glass has reactivated with UV light. We have cleaned 100s of self cleaning glass conservatories and have never had an issue. Pilkington glass will not streak however as the coating is applied during the glass manufacturing process. Lastly we invite our customers to inspect our work and ensure your happy with the end result. If we come across any issues or potential problems with your conservatory we will notify you.

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