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Dedicated to preserving, protecting & maintaining your living space

Southern Conservatory Valeting provide an expert and unique solution to conservatory cleaning throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight and Oxfordshire. Our unique conservatory cleaning formulated cleaning agents have been designed to specifically target everyday grime, mould and algaes that form on both the framework and panels of your conservatory. When our chemical cleaners are used in conjunction with our specialist cleaning tools and equipment we can achieve incredible transformations to how your conservatory may appear. Conservatories require some type of cleaning on a regular basis to keep them in pristine condition but not every homeowner has the time or means to see to conservatory cleaning. Southern Conservatory Valeting offer an affordable and cost effective regular conservatory cleaning plan that can be pre booked 6 monthly or 12 monthly and will dramatically help to keep your conservatory in tip top condition and not to mention save you potentially thousands of pounds in repairs if moss is allowed to damage your conservatory sills. Our conservatory cleaning service covers all of england although we typically operate across Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, WIltshire, Surrey and berkshire. Are you looking for a national conservatory cleaning company? Are you looking for a local and honest conservatory cleaning company? Southern conservatory valeting will cover any property across england to aim to transform the look of your tired conservatory. Southern conservatory valeting cover all of hampshire and dorset to valet conservatories little and large, old and new to both rejuvenate and maintain your conservatory investment for years to come. Did you know that having your conservatory valeted can be very cost effective if using Southern Conservatory Valeting. The reason we clean and valet conservatories across england is due to the fact it is what we specialise in and as we are the experts in conservatory cleaning we can be both affordable and offer a very high level of customer service and a great value solution to conservatory cleaning. Conservatory cleaning. Conservatory valet. Conservatory Cleaner. Conservatory valeter. Conservatory cleaning near me. Local conservatory cleaning. Affordable conservatory valeting. Who cleans conservatories. Southern Conservatory Valeting offer a very high level of detail with every service package you choose. This is so we can cater for each and every customers requirements and to suit both their budget and time scale to the the project completed. Why not treat your conservatory to a deep detailed conservatory clean today? If you live in hampshire, dorset, berkshire, london and surrey. Complete conservatory cleaning services. Conservatory cleaning near me. Local conservatory cleaning. Conservatory valeting. Conservatory cleaning. Conservatory valeting and cleaning services are carried out by experienced conservatory cleaning professionals at Southern Conservatory Valeting. Conservatory cleaning hampshire. Conservatory cleaning london. Conservatory cleaning Surrey. conservatory cleaning and maintenance services near me. Conservatory cleaning services throughout England are provided by Southern Conservatory Valeting, not only can we provide a complete rejuvenation valeting service to brighten and remove tough and ingrained dirt, we can also provided a dedicated maintenance service ever 6 months to a year to keep your conservatory in peak condition. Have you ever wondered how much a conservatory clean or valet should cost? Unfortunatley there is no exact answer due to the complexity. A conservatory clean will provide a basic level of clean to remove surface dirt and bacteria but a conservatory.

Welcome to Southern Conservatory Valeting

Southern Conservatory Valeting provide a unique and dedicated conservatory valeting and cleaning service across the southern region of the United Kingdom. Unlike many companies who advertise conservatory valeting as a side service, we are dedicated to only valeting conservatories and orangery's to achieve the best results. Our service vans are fully equipped with specialist access ladders, cleaning equipment and experienced, uniformed staff who will endeavour to provide you with a service we have become renowned for.

Area's We Cover

Working from Lymington, Portsmouth and Reading we will cover all addresses with the following Postcodes.

We will cover any other area upon request.


Our Services

From an Internal only clean to a complete Rejuvenating Valet of the interior and exterior of your conservatory, Southern Conservatory Valeting have the knowledge, equipment and team to bring the best out of your living space.

External Clean

We can carry out a deep external clean to ensure your conservatory looks great and all seals, joints and guttering are kept clear.

Internal Clean

Our Interior cleaning service can include the roof panels and frames, side frames,glazing and even roof any roof blinds.

Rejuvenating Valet

A three stage valet to all Upvc framework inside and out to restore a lost shine and renew the appearance of a tired looking living space.

Great Reasons To Choose Us

Southern Conservatory Valeting are dedicated to valeting conservatories and orangeries in a safe and methodical manner. Unlike many of our competitors who advertise conservatory cleaning as a sideline, we only work with conservatories and orangeries and have the correct accessing equipment, cleaning materials and knowledge to provide our customers with a great service.

We are FULLY INSURED to work on conservatories.

We specialize in conservatory & orangery valeting.

We are a small company offering a dedicated service.

Our prices are affordable & quoted to your requirements.

No pressure washers or bleaches used. Just NO!

No subcontractors or third party companies used.

We are NOT window cleaners or weekend worriers.

We DO NOT hassle you with marketing ads.

What We Do & How We Do It

We have put together with the help of some "on the job" images some of the steps we may take when carrying out a conservatory or orangery valet. We may not include all steps we take in the list below but they will be listed on each service page.

Step One

Our team will apply an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to all aspects of the conservatory to begin breaking down stubborn grime. We will also clear major blockages from gutters at this time.

Step Four

On the inside clean we firstly lay down a protective floor sheet. We can then start cleaning the roof bars, cross braces and roof panels by hand. We will also clean any window casements at this stage too.

Step Two

The next stage is to gently agitate the surface to lift grime from the surface. We begin with the roof ridge and work our way from top to bottom ensuring all areas are clean before rinsing with pure water.

Step Five

Side frames, panels and sills will be cleaned using the appropriate cleaning methods to ensure all contaminants have been removed from the surface. The glass is then cleaned and buffed.

Step Three

Gutters and down pipes will now be fully cleared and cleaned. Side frames, panels and sills will then be cleaned by hand. All glazing will then receive a full clean with pure water for a streak free finish

Step Six

The last step is for us to lubricate locks and hinges, give everything a final check and put away our equipment and tools. We will ask our customer to ensure that all work has been completed as quoted.

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