External Conservatory & Orangery Cleaning

Safe & effective exterior cleaning for your living space...

When your living space needs a quality clean to safely remove moss and grime, you can count on us!

Overtime atmospheric contaminants start to build up on the external surfaces of your conservatory or orangery, These contaminants can come in the form of moss, bird guano, algae's and even traffic film when living close to a busy road or in a town. If such contamination is left for long periods it can cause your investment to deteriorate in both looks and function.

By using Southern Conservatory Valeting to professionally clean your conservatory structure we will remove all such contaminants and grime in a safe and effective manner. We will also remove moss within joints and sills along with giving your conservatory a full health check to ensure it will last the test of time and give you notice of any potential issues we may find.

What we include with an external cleaning service?

Depending on the age and how well maintained your conservatory has been kept will determine what work we will carry out. Some conservatories will require "our basic clean" whilst others may need a more deeper clean that may also include polishing to remove ingrained staining. We will always quote to provide the best service for your requirements.

A full coverage coating of specially designed conservatory cleaning fluid to begin breaking down natural dirt and grime.

Beginning with the finials we will gently clean away all dirt and algae to leave a fresh finish.

The seals will be de-mossed and the entire roof structure cleaned and rinsed using clean fresh water.

Gutters & down pipes will be cleaned and cleared. The roof end caps will now also be cleaned by hand.

The side frames will now be washed down along with the sills. 

All glazing (including the roof) will receive a clean with pure water to leave a streak free finish.

Please be aware that this service is NOT a window clean. This is a deep and thorough external clean.

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