The Rejuvenating Valeting Service

The extreme valet to enhance and prolong the life of your living space...

When your conservatory needs a thorough seeing to, why not contact us about our unique Rejuvenating Valet Service?

The materials used on conservatories can become discolored, stained and just generally tired looking. Our rejuvenating valet has been specifically designed to enhance the look of a tired, unloved living space by providing a deep clean, polishing and even cleying the glass for the ultimate finish. Some elements of conservatories may never return to there original colour and this is to be expected but we give it one hell of a try.

We include cleaning the window and door casements, lubricating locks and hinges and even re waxing the framework with a long life sealant, wax or even a ceramic based coating for the newer conservatory. This is a premium service that requires approximately 2 days to complete with some requiring even more time depending on the size.  

What we include with our Rejuvenating valet service?

This service is very detailed and cannot be compared to a local service or a handy mans service. We have invested time and money into offering this as a premier service available to property owners across England.

We could go into great detail of how this service is provided but it would be about an essay long so we have explained the basic steps below. Please don't hesitate to ask us about this service upon contact.

Step 1 - Inside Valet.

Starting with the inside we lay down a protective floor covering. We then pre-treat all areas for cleaning.

We clean the internal window & door casement's to remove grime build up and replenish the rubber seals.

Locks and hinges are lubricated with a long lasting silicone based lubricant.

The internal framework is fully cleaned down, polished to remove staining & ingrained dirt and finally sealed.

All glass work is pre-treated, scraped where needed, clayed and then cleaned for a clear and crisp shine.

Any hard to access areas are cleaned and cleared of dead flies and insects.

Step 2 - External Valet.

A pre-treatment spray is applied to all external conservatory surfaces to begin breaking down contaminants.

We begin with the finials on the roof and work down, we clean, polish and then wax all roof bars.

The roof panels are cleaned, then rinsed with pure water. An aqua coating can then be applied if required.*

Gutters are cleared and cleaned to ensure un-obstructed water flow to the down pipes.

Side frames and sills will now be cleaned, polished and waxed before the glass is treated to an initial clean.

All side windows and the doors will then be re-cleaned using pure water to leave a clear and crisp shine.

This service is a dedicated service and will cover the entirety of England to carry out this work.

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